Smart Tune (Smart)

Usage Fee:

  • Monthly Fee: 10cents
  • Song Fee: 30cents(30 days validity)

To Register:

  • Option 1: By SMS: Type [song code] send to [855]
  • Option 2: By IVR: Dial 855 and following the structure
  • Option 3: visit

Copy Smart Tunes:

If you like the song you hear while calling to your friend or family, you can easily copy it by follow the simple instructions below:

  • When you hear the song you like when calling to your friend, press [*].
  • You will receive a notified SMS upon success.
  • Reply with a blank SMS and you are all set.

Note: You can also select multiple songs to be randomly played as Smart Tunes (maximum 10 songs) and song selections can be done via:

To delete song:

By SMS: Type [Del Song Code] send to 855

To find your favorite songs:

To check existing song: Dial *856#

Note: Smart Tunes songs will be randomly played if you have more than 2 songs in your Smart Tunes library.

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