Value Added Service (VAS)

Value Added Service: We provide rich contents for mobile operators. We are the fully licensed company in providing contents for all mobile operators like CRBT, SMS, VAS Voice, MP3, and ringtone…


Caller Ring Back Tone Services is an innovative service giving mobile subscribers the ability to replace their standard ring back tone with music clips, sound effects, jokes, news or personalized voice greeting


  • I Muzik (Metfone)


+ User guideline:

- To register by IVR: Dial to 1772 and following the structure

- To register by SMS:

Type ON send to 1772 or Call to IVR 1772

- To download and setting:

Type <SET><Tone code> and send to 1772

- Presenting I-Muzik:

Type <SEND><Tone code><Phone number> and send to 1772

- To request information of songs:

Type <NAME><Song Name>and send to 1772

Type <CODE><Song code>and send to 1772

- Setting default of song:

Type <DEF><Tone code> and send to 1772

- To request information of song’s default:

Type<DEFAULT><Tone code>and send to 1772

- To request information of system:

Type TOP and send to 1772

Type NEW send to 1772


+ By Website Imuzik:


+ Service suspension:

- By SMS: Type OFF and send to 1772

- By IVR: Dial to 1772 and following the structure


+ Using Fee:

- Monthly fee: 4$/month

- Download fee: 3$/60 days

- Every SMS send to 1772: Free

- Call 1772: 5c/min.

- For more information please contact us by:

- Call Center: 1777

– Website:


  •  Smart Tune (Smart)

+ Using Fee:

Monthly Fee: 10cents

Song Fee: 30cents (30 days validity)

+ To Register:

Option 1: By SMS: Type [song code] send to [855]

Option 2: By IVR: Dial 855 and following the structure

Option 3: visit


+ Copy Smart Tunes:

If you like the song you hear while calling to your friend or family, you can easily copy it by follow the simple instructions below:

  • When you hear the song you like when calling to your friend, press [*].
  • You will receive a notified SMS upon success.
  • Reply with a blank SMS and you are all set.

Note: You can also select multiple songs to be randomly played as Smart Tunes (maximum 10 songs) and song selections can be done via:

- To delete song:

By SMS: Type [Del Song Code] send to 855

- To find your favorite songs:

Option 1: Visit:

Option 2: Dial 855 press 7

Option 3: Dial 987 and follow instructions (3cents/min)

-To check existing song: Dial *856#

Note: Smart Tunes songs will be randomly played if you have more than 2 songs in your Smart Tunes library.


  • FUN TONE (Beeline)

+ Using Fee:

- Activation: Free

- Monthly Fee : 40 cents

- Buy a Song 40 cents/song

- Dial 1221 Free

- Send a song to friend as gift 40 cents/song

- Copy FunTone 40 cents

  • How to use:

- To Active and Deactive:

  • Press: * 1 1 0 * 1 2 # to activate Service
  • Press: * 1 1 0 * 2 0 # to deactivate Service
  • Buy a Song : Write message, Type your [Song Code] and send to 1221
  • Send FunTone to your ​friend: Write message, Type Gift [space] Song Code [space] Your Friend’s Phone Number then send to 1221 (Ex: Gift 300189 85560xxxxxx)
  • Copy FunTone: While calling to your friend and you hear his/her FunTone song, if you want to copy it, just press # and wait for a while.

2. Ring Tone (Metfone)

Each SMS have 1 different song sent to customers. To use the service your telephone should be set up GPRS or 3G.

To download: RT code < send to 637>

The system return 1 song for this code.

3. VAS Voice ( General Information Service 8080 )

  • 8080 Service is an information center which allow mobile subscribers (Metfone & Smart Mobile) to call and ask many information: Lottery​ result, Exchange Rate, Horoscope, Product Price, General information and many entertainment​ with agent.
  • How to enjoy:
    • By IVR: Call to 8080 and following the structure.
  • Service Fee:
    • Calling fee: 10c/min

More information, please call to 8080 (10cent/minute)!


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